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Constitution, Rules, Policies

List of common acronymns used in SA archery

Constitution & Rules

Policies – Governance

Policies – General

      • The Framework document
      • Child Safeguarding Policy
      • Competition Manipulation and Sport Wagering Policy
      • Improper Use of Drugs and Medicine Policy
      • Member Protection Policy; and
      • Complaints, Disputes and Discipline Policy
      • For further information, CLICK HERE.
  • Strategic Plan 2022-2027 (adopted 13 October, 2022) & Living Action Plan

Good Sports ARCHERY SA Policies (adopted 11 May, 2017)

Responsible Service of Alcohol Training – ARCHERY SA can assist with facilitating this – the benefit being we have more RSA trained personnel we can call upon and your Club can also benefit in the process. (ARCHERY SA & Clubs, regardless of whether they have a liquor licence, should have RSA trained personnel at any ARCHERY SA or Club function where alcohol is served.) Contact ARCHERY SA for further information. (If you are already RSA Accredited, please let ARCHERY SA know.)

Hot Weather Policy

A summary of ARCHERY SA’s Hot Weather Policy, as well as Hot Weather Policies employed by Clubs is available by CLICKING HERE.

Shooting Calendar/Programme

The full current Shooting Calendar/Programme can be accessed HERE.


Members Only

Click here to access the ARCHERY SA Archives for the minutes of meetings and previous editions of The Bow Press, amongst other things.