Coaches in South Australia

Coaching is the very basis of how the sport develops. With quality coaches, the sport can only improve. Clubs, ARCHERY South Australia & Archery Australia pride themselves on the quality of the National Coaching Programme and the resulting cohort of coaches, which continues to reproduce consistent coaching methodologies and high quality instruction at grassroots levels and beyond, to elite level. All accredited coaches are required to have current Working with Children Checks.

Accredited coaches are covered under Archery Australia’s insurance policy, while undertaking coaching related to authorised Club, State and National programmes.

Please note: A person offering coaching services in all other circumstances, or not on the list on this page, or not under the direct supervision of a coach on that list, is NOT covered by Archery Australia’s insurance and, if you are engaging that person’s services (particularly for fee or reward), you should ensure the person has appropriate and current Personal Professional Indemnity Insurance.


For the next Coaching Course in South Australia – check the ARCHERY SA Calendar, or contact the Coaching Administrator to register your interest.


Support by way of travel expenses assistance may be available for country members (travelling one way, 100 km or more) who complete the course and qualify. All claims must be accompanied by relevant receipts and delivered to ARCHERY SA within 21 days after the course date.

For Regional Clubs, ARCHERY SA can come to you, so long as there is a minimum of 4 participants. Please contact the Coaching Administrator for further information.


Notice has been given by Archery Australia that all coaches, regardless of experience should undertake a re-accreditation process as it transitions to the new coaching programme. Re-accreditation is required by 31 December, 2022. (For further information, click here.)

Currently Accredited Coaches (to 31 December, 2022)

(any errors or omissions - contact the Coaching Administrator -

 Level 1

Paul Alexander, Whyalla Bowmen
David Allery
, Barossa AC
Paul Bagnell, Victor Harbor AC
Christopher Balla, Adelaide AC
Ian Barber, Torrens Valley Archers
Katelyn Barber, Torrens Valley Archers
Veronica Basford, The Farm Indoor AC
Ian Beecken, The Farm Indoor AC
Mark Betterman, Cressy Bowmen
Tristan Betterman, Cressy Bowmen
Norman Biggs, Great Southern Archers
Shirley Biggs, Great Southern Archers
Roslyn Black, Victor Harbor AC
Simon Bollen, Cressy Bowmen
Natt Boylan, EDEN Field Archers
Allen Brown, Kidman Archers
Jeff Campbell, Kidman Archers
Kel Cavenett, Southern Vales AC
Jeff Ellis, EDEN Field Archers

Geoff Fry, EDEN Field Archers
Mandy Gordon, Whyalla Bowmen
Bruce Griffin, Adelaide AC
Andrew Hartup, Whyalla Bowmen
Paul Hawes, The Farm Indoor AC
Bob Hay, Torrens Valley Archers
James Henriks, Adelaide AC
Grant Herrmann, Barossa AC
Athy Kalatzis, Medieval Archers
Ann Kruger, Southern Vales AC
Sue Martin, Adelaide AC
Sharon Miels-Barber, Torrens Valley Archers
Brian Mifsud, Medieval Archers
Pino Mignanelli, Victor Harbor AC
Joanne Napper, The United Archers
Richard Petersen, EDEN Field Archers
Steve Plumb, Medieval Archers
Graham Potts, Victor Harbor AC

Rahul Rajput, The Farm Indoor AC
David Ramke, Whyalla Bowmen
Aaron Richards-Zidov, Adelaide AC
Simon Schuh, Whyalla Bowmen
Luke Schulz, Light Archers
Warren Spry, Medieval Archers
Glynn Stringer, HILLS Archers
Martin Stuart-Skinner, Barossa AC
Melanie Szkolka, Cressy Bowmen
Russell Topperwein, Mid North Archers
Patrick Waeraas, Southern Vales AC
Anthony Ward, Adelaide AC
Thomas Webb, Southern Vales AC
Bailey Wildman, EDEN Field Archers
Dorian Wildman, EDEN Field Archers
Claus Williger, Medieval Archers
Steven Wormald, Torrens Valley Archers
Merv Yazarloo, Cressy Bowmen

Level 2

Junior Alexander, Adelaide AC
(& ARCHERY SA Coaching Administrator)
Andy Cooper, Adelaide AC
Ian Dall, Cressy Bowmen
Jean-Michel Favre, Adelaide AC
Caroline Girke, Light Archers

Neil Griffin, Southern Vales AC
Nicholas Head
, Southern Vales AC
Stephen Howard
, Great Southern Archers
Benjamin Jessop, Cressy Bowmen
Wayne Kolster,
EDEN Field Archers

Bruce Lang, EDEN Field Archers/HILLS ARCHERS
Christopher Lech, Adelaide AC
David Millar, Kidman Archers
Jeff Nicoll, Adelaide AC
Deborah Upright, Southern Vales AC

Level 3


Jim Beatty, EDEN Field Archers

Graham Winston, Adelaide AC