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International awards 1990-1999

National Representation

Archers in South Australia have formed a strong tradition at the elite level, with selection at Olympics since archery was reintroduced to the Games in 1972. SA representation at Olympic Games, Commonwealth Games and World Championships includes:

  • 1990 World Field Archery Championships, Loen, NOR
    Compound: Women: Shirley Pascoe (11th)
    Men: Simon Fairweather (Silver Medal)
  • 1991 World Target Archery Championships, Krakow, POL
    Men: Simon Fairweather (Gold Medal) (Team 12th – Fairweather, Hunter-Russell, Greenham)
    Women: Kay Thomas (82nd), Sally Jones (93rd) (Team 22nd – Donovan, Thomas, Jones)
  • 1991 Junior World Target Archery Championships, Sandefjord, NOR
    Junior Women: Kate Fairweather (5th)
  • 1992 Olympic Games, Barcelona, ESP
    Men: Simon Fairweather (25th) (Team 7th – Hunter-Russell, Greenham, Fairweather)
  • 1992 World Field Archery Championships, Margraten, NED
    Men: Simon Fairweather (10th)
  • 1993 World Target Archery Championships, Antalya, TUR
    Men: Simon Fairweather (40th), Women: Kate Fairweather (44th), Marianne Rieckmann, (58th)
  • 1993 World Indoor Archery Championships, Perpignan, FRA
    Men: Simon Fairweather (26th), Women: Kate Fairweather (46th)
  • 1995 World Target Archery Championships, Jakarta, INA
    Men: Simon Fairweather (14th) (Team 12th – Fairweather, Gray, Fear)
    Men: Duane Coates (34th) (Team Bronze Medal – Tremelling, Harkness, Coates)
  • 1995 World Indoor Archery Championships, Birmingham, GBR
    Men: Duane Coates (24th), Andrew Kuchel (35th), Mark Engelhardt (36th) (Team 9th – Coates, Kuchel, Engelhardt)
  • 1996 Olympic Games, Atlanta, USA
    Men: Simon Fairweather (62nd) (Team 4th – Gray, Fear, Fairweather)
  • 1996 World Field Archery Championships, Kranjska Gora, SLO
    Women: Marianne Rieckmann (15th)
  • 1996 Junior World Target Archery Championships, Chula Vista, USA
    Junior Men: Mark Engelhardt (Silver Medal), Andrew Kuchel (Bronze Medal)
    (Team Gold Medal – Trudgeon, Kuchel, Engelhardt)
  • 1997 World Target Archery Championships, Victoria, CAN
    Men: Simon Fairweather (52nd) (Team 13th – Fear, Fisher, Fairweather)
  • 1998 World Field Archery Championships, Obergurgl, AUT Compound:
    Men: Andrew Kuchel (27th)
    Barebow Recurve: Men: Robert Lalas (35th)
    (Team 13th – Park, Kuchel, Turner)
  • 1998 Junior World Target Archery Championships, Sunne, SWE
    Junior Men: Marc Reilly (76th)
  • 1999 World Target Archery Championships, Riom, FRA Recurve:
    Men: Simon Fairweather (21st) (Team 7th – Fairweather, Gray, Hunter-Russell)
  • 1999 World Indoor Archery Championships, La Habana, CUB
    Men: Simon Fairweather (21st)
    (Team Gold Medal – Fairweather, Gray, Hunter-Russell)

Other Medals

  • 1998 European Grand Prix – CZE Men Recurve Team GOLD – (Simon Fairweather, Scott Hunter-Russell, Matt Gray