International awards 1970-1989

National Representation

Archers in South Australia have formed a strong tradition at the elite level, with selection at Olympics since archery was reintroduced to the Games in 1972. SA representation at Olympic Games, Commonwealth Games and World Championships includes:

  • 1972 Olympic Games, Munich , GER
    Men: Terrence Reilly (15th)
  • 1973 World Target Archery Championships, Grenoble, FRA
    Men: Terrence Reilly (9th)
  • 1975 World Target Archery Championships, Interlaken, SUI
    Men: Terrence Reilly (32nd), John Dabovich (85th), Colin Howarth (91st) (Team 16th – Anear, Reilly, Dabovich)
  • 1976 Olympic Games, Montreal, CAN
    Men: Terrence Reilly (26th)
  • 1977 World Target Archery Championships, Canberra, AUS
    Men: Terrence Reilly (16th) (Team 16th – Wagner, Reilly, Gavin)
  • 1980 World Field Archery Championships, Palmerston North, NZL
    Women: Marilyn Rumley (15th)
  • 1981 World Target Archery Championships, Punta Ala, ITA
    Men: Terrence Reilly (43rd), Christopher Blake (57th) (Team 12th – Coen, Reilly, Allan)
  • 1982 XII Commonwealth Games, Brisbane, AUS
    Men: Christopher Blake (6th)
  • 1984 Olympic Games, Los Angeles, USA
    Men: Christopher Blake (31st)
  • 1985 World Target Archery Championships, Seoul, KOR
    Women: Kay Thomas (66th), (Team 12th – Donovan, Rumley, Thomas)
  • 1987 World Target Archery Championships, Adelaide, AUS
    Men: Christopher Blake (35th), (Team 8th – Coen, Larven, Malynn)
    Women: Kay Thomas (59th), (Team 13th – Nelson, Fritschi, Thomas)
  • 1988 AOTAC (4th Regional Archery Championship of Asia/Oceania), Perth, AUS
    Recurve Men Team: Bronze Medal (Simon Fairweather, Grant Greenham (WA), Christopher Blake)
    Recurve Women Team: Silver Medal (Debbie Tremelling (VIC), Sandra Johnson (WA), Kay Thomas)
  • 1988 Olympic Games, Seoul, KOR
    Men: Simon Fairweather (16th), Christopher Blake (41st)
  • 1989 World Target Archery Championships, Lausanne, SUI
    Men: Simon Fairweather (20th), Christopher Blake (49th) (Team 11th – Fairweather, Greenham, Coen)

Other Medals

  • Monaco Cup, 1975 won by the team comprising John Dabovich, Colin Howarth and Terrence Reilly