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International awards 1970-1989

National Representation

Archers in South Australia have formed a strong tradition at the elite level, with selection at Olympics since archery was reintroduced to the Games in 1972. However, it is particularly noteworthy that the first International archery medallist from South Australia, in 1970, is Libby Kosmala, OAM. She is a 2019 SA Sport Hall of Fame inductee, a 2021 Sport Australia Hall of Fame inductee and, in 2022, she was inducted into the Paralympics Australia Hall of Fame. SA representation at the various Paralympics, Olympic Games, Commonwealth Games and World Championships includes:

  • 1970, 3rd Commonwealth Paraplegic Games, Edinburgh, Scotland
    Women: Libby Kosmala OAM (nee Richards)GOLD medal
  • 1972 Olympic Games, Munich , GER
    Men: Terrence Reilly (15th)
  • 1973 World Target Archery Championships, Grenoble, FRA
    Men: Terrence Reilly (9th)
  • 1975 World Target Archery Championships, Interlaken, SUI
    Men: Terrence Reilly (32nd), John Dabovich (85th), Colin Howarth (91st) (Team 16th – Anear, Reilly, Dabovich)
  • 1976 Olympic Games, Montreal, CAN
    Men: Terrence Reilly (26th)
  • 1977 World Target Archery Championships, Canberra, AUS
    Men: Terrence Reilly (16th) (Team 16th – Wagner, Reilly, Gavin)
  • 1980 World Field Archery Championships, Palmerston North, NZL
    Women: Marilyn Rumley (15th)
  • 1981 World Target Archery Championships, Punta Ala, ITA
    Men: Terrence Reilly (43rd), Christopher Blake (57th) (Team 12th – Coen, Reilly, Allan)
  • 1982 XII Commonwealth Games, Brisbane, AUS
    Men: Christopher Blake (6th)
  • 1984 Olympic Games, Los Angeles, USA
    Men: Christopher Blake (31st)
  • 1985 World Target Archery Championships, Seoul, KOR
    Women: Kay Thomas (66th), (Team 12th – Donovan, Rumley, Thomas)
  • 1987 World Target Archery Championships, Adelaide, AUS
    Men: Christopher Blake (35th), (Team 8th – Coen, Larven, Malynn)
    Women: Kay Thomas (59th), (Team 13th – Nelson, Fritschi, Thomas)
  • 1988 AOTAC (4th Regional Archery Championship of Asia/Oceania), Perth, AUS
    Recurve Men Team: Bronze Medal (Simon Fairweather, Grant Greenham (WA), Christopher Blake)
    Recurve Women Team: Silver Medal (Debbie Tremelling (VIC), Sandra Johnson (WA), Kay Thomas)
  • 1988 Olympic Games, Seoul, KOR
    Men: Simon Fairweather (16th), Christopher Blake (41st)
  • 1989 World Target Archery Championships, Lausanne, SUI
    Men: Simon Fairweather (20th), Christopher Blake (49th) (Team 11th – Fairweather, Greenham, Coen)

Other Medals

  • Monaco Cup, 1975 won by the team comprising John Dabovich, Colin Howarth and Terrence Reilly