To Archers & Club Recorders:

For the lists of rounds claimable as ARCHERY South Australia records, CLICK HERE(updated August, 2018)

For the changes to rounds for which records can be claimed, effective 1 January CLICK HERE

(Please note that Archery Australia only recognises Tournament and National Championship Records.)

Current State Records to 30 June 2020: Complete Version

General Overview

  • If you have any comments or queries, please contact the ARCHERY SA Recorder as soon as possible, rather than letting problems accumulate. Also refer to the Archery Australia and World Archery Rules (as these will change from time to time)
  • Please ensure any record claim is submitted within a calendar month of the round being shot; earlier if possible. It can be sent by e-Mail with a scanned copy of the score sheet, though it may also require a follow-up hard copy of the score sheet
  • Claims for classifications and medals may be made at any time as long as the necessary score sheets are attached.
  • State “6 Gold” & “Perfect” Medals (silver medals) may only be claimed at State Championships events
  • Updated record lists are published periodically.



  • The first listed (in the list of rounds able to be claimed for State Records) is the round that should be shot by that bow Division, for the given age Class, in World Archery Star events, at Nationals and for most MB (or higher) award claims. If shot at a tournament, this round and individual range scores, may be claimed as Australian Tournament records
  • Australian Stars may be claimed by categories that are not eligible to claim World Archery Stars and when shooting their National round at a World Archery Star event
  • The second round listed (WA60/900 or variation of it) is also claimable as an Australian Tournament record.


  • The two World Archery Indoor rounds are 60 arrows/bolts scored consecutively, with no further practice arrows/bolts, if a break is taken after 30 arrows
  • The two Australian Indoor rounds are 30 arrows; scored as only 30 arrows.
  • These rounds are not interchangeable. It should be determined before the shoot and clearly written on the score sheet if a World Archery Indoor or Australian Indoor Round is to be shot. In both of the World Archery Indoor Rounds, the X ring is the 10-zone for compound archers
  • MB (and higher) claims can be made from any of the 4 indoor rounds
  • Australian Tournament records are available for all 4 rounds.


  • The peg colours shot by the archer need to be specified in any claim  – they should relate to the bow Division and an age Class that would be shot at tournaments and at the Nationals. A record claim needs to also specify whether a marked or unmarked round was shot
  • A 48 target World Archery Field round consists of any combination of the 24 target marked World Archery Field round and/or a 24 target unmarked World Archery Field round, shot on the same or consecutive days


  • A double clout is the combined score of two consecutive single clouts shot on one day. Practice arrows are allowed before the second single clout (refer to the AA Rules). MB claims (and higher) are made from single clout scores
  • The eligible distances are those shot by that particular bow Division and age Class at the Nationals and in tournaments.