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Becoming a Coach

The Archery Australia National Coaching Program provides a uniform and structured coaching and development pathway aiming to provide:

– coaches with the skills, tools and opportunities for ongoing development
– ongoing coaching to both recurve and compound athletes from beginner to “High Performance”; and
– a range of programs to allow coaches to raise their skills and knowledge.


In order to teach archery in Australia, coaches are required to be accredited under the auspices of Archery Australia.

Under the National Coaching Program there are currently 3 levels of instructor/coaches for members:

  • Level 1 Coach
  • Level 2 Coach
  • Level 3 Coach

(There is also a Level 4… for High Performance/National Squad coaches)

The coaching program is heavily focused on enhancing the skills of current and new coaches while at the same time introducing a pathway to high performance archery.

For the Level 1 Coach – undertaking the Sports Specific Level 1 component is a pre-requisite for accreditation.

To become a Level 2 Coach – undertaking the Sports Specific Level 1 component and General Principles Level 1 course are required.

To become a Level 3 Coach – undertaking the Sports Specific Level 2 component and General Principles Level 2 course are required.

Your Club and/or ARCHERY SA may be able to assist with reimbursing you the General Principles course fee, upon successful completion.

To register your interest in a sport specific course, enquiries should be directed to ARCHERY SA’s Coaching Administrator.

Please note: A person offering coaching services who is not accredited by Archery Australia is NOT covered by AA’s insurance policy. If you are engaging a person’s “coaching” services (particularly for fee or reward), you should ensure that person has appropriate and current Personal Professional Indemnity Insurance.

SPORTAUS (the Australian Sports Commission) provides an online Community Coaching – Essential Skills Course: CLICK HERE.

The ORSR (South Australian Office for Recreation, Sport & Racing) conducts update courses for coaches or aspiring coaches.

For further information, visit the ORSR website by CLICKING HERE (courses are also conducted for the ORSR by SportSA).


For the list of currently accredited coaches – CLICK HERE


Coach accreditation is for a defined period. Check your accreditation card for your expiry date. Archery Australia coaches are required to continue their education while they are accredited and accrue updating points by attending appropriate coach education activities. This helps to ensure that:

  • Coaches are aware of the most up-to-date techniques and coaching and officiating methods
  • Coaches create an environment that is safe for all participants and reduces the likelihood of coaches becoming involved in legal actions
  • Archery Australia maintains a register of active coaches
  • Coaches stay abreast of rule changes in their sport.

The updating policies of National sporting organisations have been developed in association with AUSport (Australian Sports Commission). Each sport has its own sport specific updating policy, which outlines activities that can be used for updating purposes and the procedures to be followed to update your registration. For more information contact ARCHERY SA’s Coaching Administrator. An updating fee may also be payable.


At the completion of your course you will receive a logbook to record all updating activities. Take this book with you to any updating activity and have it signed by the course co-ordinator. Logbooks and documentation should be sent directly to Archery Australia. Your updated registration will be processed only after Archery Australia has received your registration form and fee.

The Office for Recreation, Sport & Racing offers numerous courses that Archery Australia may recognise as contributing towards maintaining your accreditation. For further information regarding the courses available please visit the ORSR website.


If you do not complete the updating requirements as specified by Archery Australia, you cannot be recognised as an accredited AA coach. To re-accredit, you may be required to complete appropriate updating activities as specified by Archery Australia.