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FOR CLUBS: Information

(Information for Prospective, New and Existing Clubs)

Clubs wishing to host a competition on behalf of ARCHERY SA…

Starting a Club

For anyone contemplating starting an archery Club, here are a few basics. This is not a light undertaking and you need at least 2 or 3 other people to ensure it develops successfully and sustainably.

You need to create a Club Constitution and Rules and must seek Incorporation. Incorporation is governed by the Associations Incorporation Act & Regulations. Download the latest copy of the Act and Regulations at the State legislation site: The Office of Sport, Recreation & Racing has developed a template Constitution for Clubs, which meets the requirements of the Associations Incorporation Act 1985 in South Australia and incorporates best practice governance principles as advocated by the Australian Sports Commission and Office for Recreation, Sport and Racing. – it can be accessed by CLICKING HERE.

(EXISTING CLUBS: Is your Club’s Constitution in line with current approaches and fit for purpose?)

For any Club to be established and registered with ARCHERY SA, the proposed Club must submit a list of at least three of its adult members (Name, Gender, DoB and Address, including PostCode and e-mail address), together with a copy of its Constitution (or draft). If the Club is Incorporated, the details must also be advised. If the proposed Club is not Incorporated, evidence of an application for Incorporation should be provided (and advice provided of the Notice of Incorporation as soon as possible after it is received). For any Club to remain affiliated with ARCHERY SA, Incorporation is mandatory.

In order to apply for government and other grants, an Australian Business Number (ABN) is also required. Apply at the Australian Business Register website.

You also must ensure you have “covered off” on the following:

For membership applicants (including renewing members)

  • Application for Membership – Template (contact for further information)

For those who are unable complete an online application to join (in the first instance, Clubs should offer to assist those persons), an application form should be used. The template contains the mandatory declarations that all applicants (including those who RENEW their membership) must acknowledge and are the SAME declarations as if completing an online application.) The declarations are the minimum expected by Archery Australia and ARCHERY SA.

In respect of all “hard copy” applications received, Clubs are required to complete and process them online.

Club Finances

Does your Club re-invent the wheel every time it elects a new Treasurer? Use a system which is FREE, can be easily backed up, is transferable to any computer (does not require a specific operating system) and is transparent and rigorous. It also provides consistent reporting, requiring little interpretation.

SourceForge’s GnuCash is a personal and small-business financial-accounting software, freely licensed under the GNU GPL and available for GNU/Linux, BSD, Solaris, Mac OS X and Microsoft Windows. Designed to be easy to use, yet powerful and flexible, GnuCash allows you to track bank accounts, stocks, income and expenses. As quick and intuitive to use as a cheque book register, it is based on professional accounting principles to ensure balanced books and accurate and understandable reports.


  • Double-Entry Accounting
  • Stock/Bond/Mutual Fund Accounts
  • Reports, Graphs
  • QIF/OFX/HBCI Import, Transaction Matching
  • Scheduled Transactions
  • Financial Calculations

Another free option is Zoho Books (for Clubs with turnover of less than $50,000). Zoho Books is online accounting software that manages your finances, keeps you GST ready, automates business workflows, and helps you work collectively across departments.

For subscription-based options, check out Xero, Quickbooks and MYOB.

Spreadsheet to work out the potential costs involved in starting & running a Club

Persons who are contemplating starting a Club need to give consideration to the costs (and potential income) involved to help determine the viability of such a venture. ARCHERY SA has created a spreadsheet in which you can enter the expected Income and Expenditure to provide a picture of “where to from here” – CLICK HERE …. feel free to contact ARCHERY SA if you need further assistance.


Clubs can (and should) report their financial position to ARCHERY SA annually (even if not requested), in a consistent manner and should develop a Chart of Accounts that meets minimum standards. Not-For-Profit Charities are already required by Government to publicly report and SA sporting Clubs may well be expected to do the same into the future.

A document has been produced which can assist Clubs; CLICK HERE and stay “ahead of the game”. ARCHERY SA can arrange assistance to Clubs.

Our Community has a wealth of resources for Club Treasurers (and Clubs in general) – you are urged to make use of this free resource!

Game Plan

The Australian Sports Commission has developed (in conjunction with the States) a nationally aligned club development tool, Game Plan.

(The SA STARCLUB Club Development Program ceased 30 April, 2023.)

Aligning with the national club development framework will allow clubs to develop modern, best practice principles. It allows sporting clubs of all sizes to get insights into their current capability in key areas of club administration, then supports ongoing club development with a suite of tools.

For more information or to start your Club’s (free) Game Plan, CLICK HERE.


Clubs have access to an online tool to help “Find Them, Keep Them, Back Them” – it is the V-Star volunteer management tool to help Clubs manage volunteers and provide for successful succession planning (click on the V-Star logo to take you to the volunteer management home page).

Inclusive Clubs – That is What We “Aim” To Be!

For Clubs contemplating holding a tournament or QRE, please note the following:

Archery Australia’s Rules require…

A competition is an open tournament if:

  1. It is advertised online and open to entrants from any other affiliated Club
  2. The entry form and entering process is provided online
  3. It is registered with Archery Australia or, for international status, is also registered with World Archery
  4. A minimum of 6 people compete when there are competitors from at least two Clubs, OR a minimum of 10 people compete when there are competitors from only one Club
  5. An Accredited Judge(s) officiates
  6. An Equipment Inspection is undertaken
  7. A DOS officiates (target, indoor and clout)
  8. The event is conducted in accordance with Archery Australia and World Archery Rules (and/or WCSA rules, if appropriate)
  9. Archery Australia official scorecards are used, in conjunction with online scoring using the approved Results and Scoring Program
  10. Placings are assigned in the results to each competitor
  11. Results are validated by the presentation of awards AND
  12. An event verification form is completed and sent to the AA Tournament and Records Committee.

IF any of these requirements is not met, the event will not be an Open Tournament.

The consequences of an event NOT being an Open Tournament include:

  • No Australian Records may be claimed
  • The scores recorded cannot be used in any claims for Master Bowman (and above)
  • Questions relating to the event cannot be considered by the AA Tournament & Records Committee AND
  • These limitations should be stated on the entry form.

(Activities or tournaments which do not comply with the requirements for Open Tournaments, even though listed on a Recognised Governing Body (RGB) or Club calendar, may be conducted under such rules as designated by the host, so long as those rules or limitations are clearly stated on the entry form.)

A QRE, by definition is not a tournament, as placings are not assigned and results are not validated by the presenting of awards. However, the scores achieved in an Open Tournament can be used for Qualification & Ranking purposes.

Each RGB may have its own additional conditions in relation to Open Tournaments, so it pays to check.

Clubs that have held an activity…

  • ARCHERY SA collects data about how many people attend each Club, including spectators, at regular Club shoots, tournaments, coaching courses, demos, Do Archery sessions, etc. The data is now collected annually (in July) via a simple form provided to Clubs.

Online Membership and Event Entries

Clubs across Australia are required to accept online membership applications/renewals (payment by credit/debit card or Paypal). It reduces the workload for hard-working volunteers, improves accounting practices and provides the ultimate convenience for prospective and existing members.

Entry to tournaments are also only online. This is one of the requirements that provides entrants eligibility to claim Master, Grand Master & Elite Awards and National Records.

To assist Clubs, ARCHERY SA has resources and training available:

For the purposes of the ARCHERY SA and Archery Australia affiliation fees which form part of the overall membership fee at your Club, the family rate is the equivalent of fees for two adult members. Therefore, in a family of three or more (with two registered adults), any persons under 18 years of age, in that family group are effectively at no extra fee. “Family” means 3 or more of the same family residing at the same address and includes dependent children under 18 years of age. It includes those who are related by blood, marriage (registered or de facto), adoption, step or fostering/guardian, and who are usually resident in the same household. Most Clubs have adopted this approach for their Club’s component of the membership fee. Check with the Club’s Membership Officer for details.

Subscriptions (1 July – 30 June)

The process adopted by the Board (in 2017, and modified in 2023) for increases in ARCHERY SA membership (affiliation) fees is predicated on changes to the Adelaide: All Groups CPI (6401.0, Tables 1&2) as at 31 March each year.**

Adopted 10 August, 2023: An increase in affiliations (predicated on changes to the Adelaide: All Groups CPI (6401.0, Tables 1&2) at 31 March), is capped at 5%. Unless the CPI increase (capped or uncapped) reaches a threshold of $2.00, affiliation fees won’t increase. (In any increase, all individual member types will be altered by the same $ amount. The increase of family membership rates will rise by a factor of 2 (i.e if the individual rate increase is $2, the family rate increase is $4).

1 July

Current fee

CPI (March)

Review fee


$2 Threshold Reached – YES/NO

Approved Fee for the following year

2017 $52.00 2.0% $53.04 53.00 NO $52.00
2018 $52.00 2.3% $54.25 54.00 YES $54.00
2019 $54.00 1.3% $54.95 54.00 NO $54.00
2020 $54.00 2.4% $56.26 56.00 YES $54.00*
$54.00 1.2% $56.93 56.00 YES $56.00
$56.00 4.7% $59.60 59.00 YES $59.00
$59.00 7.9%
(5% cap applied)
$61.98 61.00 YES 61.00

* 11 June, 2020: Fees 1 July, 2021 kept at the same level as 2020 (increase that the policy triggered not applied)

Affiliation fees – effective 1 July, 2023 (Clubs also charge a membership fee – contact your Club for the total amount due.) Some Clubs may also charge (for new members) a Joining Fee – enquire with the Club.

Metro Country
Adult Minor Family Adult Minor Family Associate (non-shooting)
ARCHERY SA***  $59  $49 $118 $49 $39 $98
Archery Australia  $100  $65 $200 $100 $65 $200 $26
Total $159 $114 $318 $149 $104

**Fees are subject to change
ARCHERY SA fee includes the applicable online transaction fee

Affiliation fees – effective 1 July, 2024 (Clubs also charge a membership fee – contact your Club for the total amount due.) Some Clubs may also charge (for new members) a Joining Fee – enquire with the Club. (RGB Fees for 2024/2025 reviewed: ARCHERY SA, 10 August, 2023.)

Metro Country
Adult Minor Family Adult Minor Family Associate (non-shooting)
ARCHERY SA***  $61  $51 $122 $51 $41 $102
Archery Australia  $100  $65 $200 $100 $65 $200 $26
Total $161 $116 $322 $151 $106

**Fees are subject to change
ARCHERY SA fee includes the applicable online transaction fee

The Sports Vouchers program is a Government of South Australia initiative administered by the Office for Recreation, Sport and Racing. The program provides an opportunity for primary school aged children from Reception to Year 9 to receive up to a $100 discount on sports membership/registration fees. The purpose is to increase the number of children playing organised sport by reducing cost as a barrier to participate. (Please note: The voucher can only be applied against membership fees and cannot be used for equipment, beginner courses or come’n’try sessions.) (Make sure to use the relevant year’s Voucher.)

Is your Club participating? For further information, visit the Sports Vouchers website.

Hot Weather Policy

A summary of ARCHERY SA’s Hot Weather Policy, as well as Hot Weather Policies employed by Clubs is available by CLICKING HERE.

Please note: from 1 November, 2023, the Club Grant Scheme is paused.

ARCHERY SA >>===CLUB===> Grants Scheme 2023


The scheme is developed with Clubs and the promotion and development of archery in mind. If your Club has a project that would help achieve that aim, you are urged to apply. (Maximum grant amount is $500.)

For the guidelines and more information, CLICK HERE. (Applicants are expected to be fully informed of the guidelines and conditions.)

A simple ONLINE application, when submitted, will automatically be forwarded to the ARCHERY SA Grants Committee – the application period opens each year on 1 November and closes on the following 30 June (unless the available grant funds are fully allocated prior).

Club Grant Recipients:

 2023 Cressy Bowmen  2022  Whyalla Bowmen
2022  The United Archers 2022  Light Archers
 2022 Cressy Bowmen 2021
 Barossa Archery Club
 2021  Mid North Archers 2021
 Victor Harbor Archery Club
 2021 Southern Vales Archery Club 2021
Island Target Archery
2020  Barossa Archery Club 2018  HILLS ARCHERS
2016  Victor Harbor Archery Club 2015 HILLS ARCHERS
2014  Cressy Bowmen 2014  Victor Harbor Archery Club