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Friends of ARCHERY SA

The Friends of ARCHERY SA is an online membership category.

Maybe you have a family connection, or are a former member, or perhaps just have a general interest in archery or maybe even no involvement with archery (wherever you may be in the world) but wish to establish a link and be kept informed of news and events.

Membership is FREE and various incentives and fun activities will be the aim.

Going forward, mechanisms to manage and properly service the Friends will be arranged. The Friends could assist in various functions, which have been put on the back-burner because of a lack of personnel, such as chronicling the history of archery in SA, for example.

For people to become a Friend, simply click on the JOIN button on the ARCHERY SA or Archery Australia websites (click on the “JOIN” button at the top of this page!) and select ARCHERY SA as the State and Club and follow the prompts!

We look forward to your involvement and trust the experience is enjoyable!