Joining a Club

How to Formally Join a Club

So, you completed a basic Archery Australia accredited course of instruction in the wonderful sport of archery…. what now?

The MyArchery database allows you to securely and online, make application to Join a Club (or to Renew Your Membership) using a computer, tablet or smartphone. If you don’t have access to these, your Club will assist you (since 1 July, 2017 all memberships are required to be completed online). (Find your nearest Club.)


new members JOINClick on the blue button (or the Join Now button on the home page) to be taken to the Archery Australia online membership system (MyArchery) and select the State and Club you wish to join. The next screen will be the various membership options (which the Club should have already advised you about). If the online option is not available – contact the Club to request this issue be resolved. (Alternatively, the Club may have created a membership subscription/invoice for you within MyArchery and all you need to do is follow the link provided in the Club’s email message.)

Online Payment – Pay By Credit or Debit Card (VISA or MasterCard only) or PayPal (Note: EFT, Cash or Cheque payments are not accepted)

Complete the subscription and declarations(***) and pay by credit/debit card or PayPal. Once payment has been approved(*), the Club is automatically advised and, subject to Club acceptance processes(**), you will be registered and insured and receive an Archery Australia membership card a few days later. The card will indicate the expiry date of the membership – 12 months from it being processed and approved by the Club. You will also receive confirmation of the payment, by email.

(While your Club receives confirmation of all payments at the end of each week, it can see your membership application details instantly.)

Be aware, some Clubs may also require a Joining Fee (as a separate transaction) to be paid by those joining the Club for the first time, before the application is approved.
** Some Clubs require that applications for membership need to be formally accepted at a meeting. Until that occurs, you might NOT be a member of that Club, nor ARCHERY SA or Archery Australia.
*** The required declarations include:

  • Agreeing to be bound by and conducting yourself in accordance with the Constitutions, Rules, Policies and Procedures of the Club, ARCHERY South Australia and Archery Australia and
  • Agreeing with and acknowledging other conditions of membership, including the General Provisions of the Code of Behaviour.

What is MyArchery?

It is a database listing of all members (affiliates) who are affiliated with a Club, ARCHERY SA and Archery Australia.

Each of the entities can view the information relevant to its level. For example, the Club administrator can only view the records of that Club’s members. You, as a financial affiliate, can only view your record.

In creating a member record, an email address is a “required field”. It enables Archery Australia, ARCHERY SA and/or the Club the ability to communicate directly, rather than relying on one of the other entities to forward the information, which sometimes previously occurred after the information/closing date had expired.

The database is secure. The information contained in the database (e.g. address, phone number, date of birth, email address, etc) are for the exclusive use of the three entities and is not supplied or sold to third parties.

Your email address is provided on the understanding it will be used to communicate with you. You can “Unsubscribe” from receiving information from either Archery Australia, ARCHERY SA or even the Club (or any combination of the three). However, your email address will remain in the system attached to your record, so that any of the three entities can contact you if needed in important situations (such as membership renewal). With the email address staying in the system, it also enables you to re-subscribe.

You could nominate your Club’s email address, but relying on another entity to forward any information rather defeats the purpose of providing timely information. Of course, your Club would then have to establish a duplicate system to communicate with you, which seems an unnecessary waste of (volunteer) effort.

If you are worried about overlooking the relatively few archery emails you would receive among the myriad of emails from others, think about creating a separate (free) email account (e.g. gMail, Yahoo!) for your archery communications. That way, you receive only archery-related messages to that address leaving your personal/business email address “uncluttered’.

It is not the role of Archery Australia, ARCHERY SA or the Club to maintain your member details. If a phone number or email address changes, you can update it. Just login and update your record. If you have can’t remember your Username or Password, the “Forgot your Password” function at provides the ability to retrieve your Username and/or to obtain a link to reset your Password.

MyArchery is there to assist Clubs, State bodies and the National body to:

  • enable accurate reporting (numbers & age groups of members, for example)
  • “tighten up” membership records to improve governance
  • provide for the seamless transfer of a member to or from another Club
  • ensure accurate record-keeping at all levels and facilitate payment of membership fees to reduce reliance on cash transactions, to (again) make life easier for Club Committees (by improving money management and reducing the consequent risks involved with handling cash, including fraud).

It also gives you, the member, control of your information.

MyArchery offers other services for Clubs, including website design/hosting, Club merchandise sales and online event registrations.