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The Les Gazelles Scholarship

The ARCHERY South Australia Youth Committee has developed the following Annual Scholarship…..


The Les Gazelle scholarship is available to Youth female archers (in the age categories Under 14 – Under 21). An applicant must be nominated for the scholarship by an ARCHERY SA Youth Coordinator, a Coach or a Club Official.

Multiple scholarships will be offered, with awarded amounts of up to 50% of the total fund.

About the scholarship

The scholarship funds will be used to help support a young female within archery. This support may include, but is not limited to:

  • Competition entry fees
  • Equipment purchasing
  • Club shirts
  • (On the application, there will also be an option to select an option that has not been listed. The applicant is requested to detail the ‘Other’ expenditure).

After the expenditure by the awardee and proof of purchase has been provided, the funds will be reimbursed through the recipient’s allocated bank account.

These funds will not support a recipient’s travel expenses for archery, or annual membership/affiliation fees.

Archer Eligibility

All Female Youth Archers are eligible for this scholarship fund. Youth archers are classed as under 14/Under 16/Under 18/Under 21. All bow types will be supported by this scholarship fund. The scholarship recipient must be a current member of Archery Australia and ARCHERY South Australia.

Applicants will need to submit a signed and dated supporting statement from their Club Youth Co-ordinator, Coach or Club Official.


The Scholarship Fund will be made from any:

  • profit made from the Annual Gazelles Tournament
  • interest made from the fund held in the trust
  • donations made to ARCHERY SA, directed to the Scholarship fund.

Archers will be eligible to receive up to 50% of the annual budget pool. The allocated funds must be used within 12 months of being received. If the ARCHERY South Australia Youth Committee receives more than one nomination which will not be covered by the annual budget pool, the decision of allocated funds/scholarship recipients will be at the discretion of the ARCHERY South Australia Board on the recommendation of the Youth Committee.


Funds for this scholarship will be annually allocated based on the available Scholarship Fund. Each financial year, 75% of the total Fund (made from profits from the Gazelles Tournament, any grant or specific donation to the Scholarship) will be made available through the scholarship process.

However, 25% of the Fund will be retained in the ‘pool’ and will be drawn on in those years when the total funds received are below $500. This amount may be altered in future, depending on the success of the programme.

Application Process

An archer must be endorsed for this scholarship by a mentor, a coach or an official of the archer’s Club.

The nominator will be required to provide details, as the Board may need to make contact. Applications can be submitted between 1 October and 1 June each year. Scholarships will be offered until the funding for the year has been exhausted.

Applicants must fill out the application form. Recipients will be informed of the decision within one month following the Board meeting.

The decision of a scholarship’s approval will be the exclusive decision of the Board, having taken account of any recommendation of the Youth Committee.

A scholarship recipient may not re-apply for a period of 3 years, following the announcement of their successful application.

To apply – CLICK HERE