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Archery equipment stolen

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Mid North Archers has had its training equipment stolen A blow for a local Club in Port Pirie. Some clearly selfish, small-minded person(s) have broken into the Mid North Archers Club and stolen the Club’s training equipment. It includes a number of bows and all of the arrows; 12 bows in total and over 100 arrows. The bows include Junior Samick wooden recurves ranging from 16 to 26 lb and also a adult 38 lb samick red riser, among others. These bows are not exactly “saleable”, so one wonders what their thinking was. As well as stuffing around the Club that provides a valuable service for a low-profile sport in a regional area, it reflects poorly upon the local community’s efforts to promote Port Pirie as a friendly city. Should any information about the stolen equipment come to light, please report it to the Police.