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2023 State Team – Registrations End: 30 June

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The 2023 National Target Championships will be held in Queensland at Samford Valley Target Archers in the north-western suburbs of Brisbane, from 27 September until 2 October.

The Nationals is open to all archers to compete and registration is through the Archery Australia website. There is no minimum level of skill to participate, other that being proficient at the events that you are registered to shoot.

The Nationals consists of 1440 and 900 events. A 72-arrow qualification round, followed by a Matchplay Championships will also be held, but does not form part of the National Target Championships.

In addition to the individual competition, there is an opportunity to represent South Australia in the teams events. Run simultaneously with the individual competition, State Teams of compound, recurve and barebow (including longbow) compete against Teams from other States using scores from the 1440 and 900 events. Each category competes in their respective bow types.

ARCHERY SA has adopted a State Team Selection Policy.

State Team Selection will be based on scores shot at registered events during the qualification period (1 April – 30 July).

To be considered for the State Teams, you must first indicate your intent for selection by registering your interest here. This must be completed no later than 5.00 pm, 30 June. Full details about the selection process can also be found there.

Recognising the cost of participation is a significant factor for many archers when travelling Interstate to compete, ARCHERY SA is pleased to advise that those ultimately selected for the State Team will be provided subsidised accommodation at Samford Lakes Cottages (  (ARCHERY SA has already booked the venue.)

In addition, archers in the Teams will be eligible (after the event) for a refund of 75% of the Nationals’ entry fee, in  accordance with the Policy.