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Vale! Bob Tripp

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Bob Tripp, member of Cressy Bowmen and former National Judge passed away peacefully on 6 July, 2020 (age 81) after a prolonged illness.

Bob’s involvement all came about because his granddaughter, Chantelle took up the sport in 2002. Bob was there, providing transportation, encouragement, and support. Chantelle shot as a member of the State Teams for the National Youth Championships from 2004 to 2007 and Bob was there supporting her.

Bob enjoyed being busy and he qualified as a National Archery Judge in 2006. This was a role he continued to fulfil well after Chantelle had moved away from archery.

He also threw himself into helping with the maintenance of, and improvements to, the ARCHERY SA tournament equipment, as a member of the Equipment Committee.

In early 2017, Bob was presented a Silver Award for his service to ARCHERY SA and the sport.

He gave his all in his Judging duties, an example of fairness, diligence and volunteerism and an active contributor. He continued as a Judge until the end of 2017, retiring after 11 years’ service.

ARCHERY SA has conveyed its sincere sympathies to Chantelle and the family.

Chantelle has kindly provided a link and PIN to the live recording of the funeral service. (For those who were unable to attend and may wish to view the service, please contact ARCHERY SA and the details will be provided.)