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Tournaments “season” re-starts

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The tournament season following the winter “break” re-started with the State & National Indoor Championships, 21-22 July Other events to look forward to are: 11-12 August: Whyalla Bowmen’s 44th Anniversary Tournament – ENTRIES OPEN 19 August: Cressy Bowmen’s Invitation Tournament – ENTRIES OPEN 26 August: ARCHERY SA State Clout Championships – ENTRIES OPEN 16 September: Adelaide Archery Club’s Silver Quiver Tournament – ENTRIES OPEN 30 September: ARCHERY SA Tyro Tournament – ENTRIES OPEN 20 August 30 September: ARCHERY SA AJ Barter Veterans Tournament – ENTRIES OPEN 20 August 7 October: ARCHERY SA State Target Championships – ENTRIES OPEN 27 August Click on the event to enter!