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State Indoor Archery Championships WILL Be Held

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The Board of ARCHERY South Australia has decided that the State Indoor Championships can go ahead.

Five Clubs have indicated they are able to provide and host a venue on Sunday, 9 August, Wednesday 12 August, Monday 17 August or Sunday, 23 August. In accordance with their COVID-19 plans, the number of entrants is limited.

In the past, other Clubs have provided and hosted a venue for the Indoor. Clubs are invited to do so again. The Board realises that it may not be possible to book all venues on the same weekend at such short notice, however an offer to host the event in August will be acceptable. The venue should preferably conduct the event as a one day event.

Although Archery Australia has cancelled National events and decided that no shoot will be registered until further notice, it will be desirable that a Judge or Event Official be in attendance. Ideally there will be members of more than one Club present.

The Board expects that World Archery and Archery Australia Rules will be adhered to and the Championships will generally follow the same format as if the National event were held.

If your Club is able to host the event, please advise as soon as possible, so that the details can go up on the website and entries for each venue opened.

Entry forms for all venues will added here as they come to hand….