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Pat Coghlan – World Cup Bronze

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World Archery’s World Cup Stage 1 in Shanghai Pat Coghlan of Victor Harbor Archery Club staged a thrilling come-from-behind 1 point win in the World Archery World Cup in Shanghai on Saturday (20 May). Reo Wilde (USA) was ranked #1 with 707 after the Ranking Round and was up against Pat (Ranked #6 – 704) in the Bronze Medal final. Along the way, entering the 15-arrow elimination matches at the 3rd round, Pat accounted for 3rd round – F Delobelle (FRA) 148-146 4th round – O Taheri (IRA) 146-143 Quarter-finals – S Andersen (USA) 145-145 (in the 1-arrow shoot-off, both archers shot a 10, but Pat’s was closest to the target’s centre) In the Semi Finals, Pat was up against the currently ranked World #1 Archer, 21 year old Stephan Hansen (DEN) and lost 143-148. (Stephan went on to win the Gold Medal in this event.) In the Bronze Medal Final, the scores (end by end), were Reo Wilde Total Pat Coghlan Total   29 29  28 28  29 58 28 56  28 86 29 85  28 114  29 114  29 143  30 144 A perfect end of 30 iced the event for Pat! Congratulations Pat from all at ARCHERY SA! (Photo by Tristan Barrett)