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New Elected Board Directors Usher in a New Era

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Clubs elected a new Board at the 2016 ARCHERY SA AGM At the recent 2016 ARCHERY SA Annual General Meeting, the Clubs of South Australia elected the Board for the ensuing period. Those elected are Carol Ashlee, Ian Dall, Bruce Lang, Sue Martin and Jeff Nicoll. Carol Ashlee and Ian Dall are new to the Board. Carol brings a wealth of experience acquired over many years, while Ian brings a fresh perspective through “young” eyes, having only been involved in the sport for a few years. With the other three Directors re-elected, the work will continue to make the organisation more efficient and productive. The Board has since determined the roles on the Board with Bruce Lang, President; Jeff Nicoll, Vice-President; Sue Martin, Board Secretary; Carol Ashlee, Board Treasurer; Ian Dall, Director. President, Bruce Lang praised the election process with 87% of Clubs casting their votes, which was probably the highest rate of return for many years. He said, “I would particularly  like to acknowledge the efforts of outgoing Board Members, Gretel Dabovich and Andrew Sharpe who, between them, have probably amassed more than 80 years involvement at State level. They have been involved during a period which saw unparalleled growth of the sport, principally as a result of archery featuring prominently in movies, but also with the improvements to the sport’s presentation at Olympic and Paralympic Games. ARCHERY SA is now in a strong position to further develop and the new Board is committed to continuing the process of improvement.” He added, “We (thankfully) no longer rely on paper/snail mail communications. Providing a level of timely and convenient communication with all members is paramount and our efforts will be directed to ensuring that the work of volunteers at State and Club level continues to significantly reduce and that will always be one of our aims. And with our move to Mylor, the times for South Australia archery have never been more exciting. ” The Board has determined the Committees it requires and will be appointing Committee Chairs. Under the new system, it will be up to each Committee Chair to “source” their Committee’s members.  The first “face-to’face” Board meeting is on 10 November. The meeting is open to all.