Hot Weather Policies

The Archery Australia Heat Stress Policy refers to using the WBGT as a better indicator of how stressed we might be, particularly as the humidity rises. The Bureau of Meteorology has information about the WBGT for various locations in SA. A WBGT measurement above 30 is considered extreme.

The South Australian Sports Medicine Association also offers its Hot Weather Guidelines here; it provides guidance around the implementation of the WGBT.

On days of inclement weather, make sure you first check the local requirements for the Club you are visiting, to avoid disappointment.

Extract of ARCHERY SA’s Hot Weather Policy:


8.1       If at 6.00 pm the day prior, the maximum temperature forecast by the Bureau of Meteorology for the day of the event, is 38oC or more (having regard to the location of the venue, for the nearest town as listed in the BoM Forecast Summary for South Australian Towns at, the event shall be cancelled or, at the absolute discretion of the Tournament Director, rescheduled.

8.2     If the Fire Danger Rating for the Fire Ban District in which the event is to be held is forecast as EXTREME or CATASTROPHIC for the day of the event, the event shall be postponed and (subject to venue availability) rescheduled by the Tournament Director

(“Event” includes tournaments, QREs, State Ranking Events or other events which may be held by or under the auspices of ARCHERY SA, including those hosted by Clubs.)

8.3     Each event venue shall have the necessary equipment to record ambient temperatures throughout the competition

8.4     On the day of the event the ambient temperature shall be recorded at 15‑minute intervals at the same location

8.5     If the temperature is over 38oC for two consecutive measurements, shooting shall be halted until the temperature falls below 38oC

8.6     If a QRE and/or Ranking Shoot (not being a tournament) is started and unable to be completed, the event will not be re‑scheduled and scores shall only be recorded for those archers who have completed half of the event. For field events, those archers are required to have shot the same targets (e.g. 12 targets (or more) of a 24 target event or 14 (or more) of a 28 target event).

The full Policy (Tournaments: Pol-03) is available by CLICKING HERE

1.21.1 In the event of any ARCHERY SA tournament being abandoned part way through, a result may only be declared if at least half the number of scoring ends has been completed. For a field or 3-D tournament, a result can only be declared if all competitors have shot the same targets over at least half of the course.
1.21.2 Should any ARCHERY SA event be postponed, prior to commencement, or abandoned before enough scoring ends or targets have been completed to declare a result, every effort will be made to re-schedule the event within the calendar year that it was scheduled. Should it prove impossible to re-schedule for any reason whatsoever, the event will be considered to have been cancelled.

Clubs’ Policies/Local Rules

Adelaide Archery Club:

*AJADs: If on Friday evening, the forecast temperature is for a maximum of 38oC or above, AJADs is cancelled.
*Others: If the maximum temperature forecast at 9.00 am is for 38oC or above, programmed shoots will be cancelled.
*Thursday: If on the Wednesday the temperature is 38oC or above and the Thursday temperature is forecast to be 38oC or above, then the Thursday shoot is cancelled.

Barossa Archery Club:

* Wednesday Club Shoots: If the maximum temperature forecast at 9:00am on any radio station is for 38°C or above, programmed shoots will be cancelled
* Sunday Club Shoots: If on Saturday evening, the 6:00pm Channel 9 news forecasts a maximum of 38°C or above, programmed shoots will be cancelled
* If the fire danger rating is forecast as Extreme or Catastrophic on any day, both Archery Road and Heinemann Park fields will be closed.

Blue Lake Archers:

no policy indicated

Cressy Bowmen: 

If the forecast temperature for Adelaide is 38oC or higher, the Club will be closed.

EDEN Field Archers:

If the forecast temperature for Adelaide is 36oC or higher, shooting (of the progammed Club rounds) will commence at 2.30 pm (instead of 1.30 pm). If the Fire Danger Rating for the Mt Lofty Ranges is forecast as Extreme or Catastrophic, the Club is closed. Irrespective, (or in addition) the Shepherds Hill Recreation Park could be closed (even with a reduced Fire Danger Rating) because of a Total Fire Ban. The programmed event will be postponed or abandoned. (To check for current Park Closures, see the National Parks SA site – go to Safety/Park Closures).

Great Southern Archers:

When Strathalbyn’s forecast temperature is 32oC or greater (for juniors) and 36oC or greater (for seniors) there will be
no organised shooting. Club members may shoot at their own discretion, but they are cautioned to be careful of heat related issues.


If the Fire Danger Rating for the Mt Lofty Ranges is forecast as Extreme or Catastrophic, the Club will be closed.

Kidman Archers:

If on the day of the scheduled shoot, the temperature recorded on the Club weather station one hour before start time is 38oC or above, the Club’s scheduled shoot will be cancelled. If it is a hot day and the temperature may rise to 38oC, the scheduled shoot may proceed but the temperature should be checked on the line before shooting each end and if or when it reaches 38oC, the shoot will be called off. If the shooting members think the temperature may decrease due to a wind change, they may call a 30 minute break. If the temperature does drop below 38oC, the shoot may recommence. Otherwise, it is cancelled for the day.

Mid North Archers

If the reported weather for Saturday on Friday’s weather report is going to be 39oC or greater, the Saturday shoot will be cancelled.

Southern Vales Archery Club:

Club shoots: on days where the forecast temperature for the Morphett Vale/Noarlunga area is likely to reach 38 degrees or above, the grounds will be open until the temperature reaches 38 degrees. Once the temperature reaches 38 degrees, all training classes and Club shooting will cease immediately. For the full SVAC Policy CLICK HERE

Torrens Valley Archers:

If the estimated forecast for Mount Barker is for 38oC or higher, the shoot will be cancelled.

Victor Harbor Archery Club:

With Archery being an outdoor sport, the risk of heat exposure is ever present.  Archery clubs have a duty of care to take precautions to minimise these risks but ultimately archers are responsible for their own safety and well being and as such should consider all possible control measures such as:

  • Always wear a hat
  • Wear appropriate light weight clothing
  • Wear shirts with long sleeves
  • Always use appropriately rated sun screen
  • Consume large amounts of water, avoid soft drinks as they usually encourage dehydration
  • Competitors concerned about possible heat risk should review weather forecasts and consider withdrawing from events.

The Victor Harbor Archery Club adopts and supports the World and Archery Australia Hot Weather Policies.

Whyalla Bowmen:
no policy indicated

Please note: These Policies are as advised by the Clubs. Changes can be made at any time and may not appear here immediately – when visiting a Club please check the relevant Club’s Policy. Clubs are encouraged to provide their policies (or updates) and they will be included.