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ARCHERY SA Wishes to Help

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Are you a member of ARCHERY SA and unemployed or underemployed OR  are you an employer?

Given the current circumstances and the fact that the number of people seeking work for each vacancy is increasing, the Board of ARCHERY SA wishes to provide an additional avenue to assist its members.

Basically, provide your (brief) resume and your contact phone number – these will be published to this page.

Employers looking for people can simply check back periodically to see if there’s anyone looking for work.

It’s not going to be an answer for everyone, but it is worth trying!

Do not provide your name, age or any personal details – employers should simply have the opportunity to contact you without forming preconceptions.

You should indicate any qualifications, experience and whether travel is a limiting factor, as well as the range of work that you are prepared to undertake.

Send your information to – all information will be treated in strictest confidence.

To view requests received click here