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2019 Annual General Meeting

Formal Notice for the Annual General Meeting of ARCHERY South Australia Inc.

Date:               Thursday, 17 October, 2019

Time:              1930 hrs

Location:        SACOSS, Marjorie Black Community Room, 47 King William Road, Unley

Election of three ARCHERY South Australia Board Members, for the period 2019-2021.

In line with the Constitution of ARCHERY South Australia, there are three Board vacancies, each intended for a two-year term*.

ARCHERY South Australia seeks nominations by COB, Thursday, 12 September from members seeking to join the Board for the 2019-2021 term of office. A nomination form for persons seeking to fill the vacant positions on the ARCHERY South Australia Board is available (see below).

*NOTE: Three of the Elected Directors are required to retire (or re-nominate), to facilitate the requirement that half the Board retire each year.

The role of a Board Director is contained within the Board Office Bearer Policy Position Statements.

At the close of nominations, ballot papers and instructions for voting will be distributed to all Affiliate Members (as defined, i.e. the Clubs).

AGM Agenda Items

Members are requested to forward agenda items and all notices of motion for inclusion as special business to be considered by the AGM, including:

•        Nomination for Life Membership

•        Amendments to the Constitution

•        Notices of Motion/Special Business

and must be received by COB, Thursday, 19 September.

The required forms can be found below.

The AGM Agenda and Annual Reports will be emailed to all members on or before Friday, 27 September.

Affiliate Member Delegates

Affiliate Members (Clubs) are requested to formally confirm with ARCHERY SA by COB, Tuesday, 8 October the name of their Voting Delegate attending the AGM.

Board Nominations:

  • Nomination Form – Nominate for the Board at the AGM (Nominations due by COB, Thursday, 12 September) (in MS Word format)

Nominations to be emailed to the Board Secretary at

Governance Principle – Board Composition and Operation

There is strong evidence that diversity on Boards leads to better corporate performance. The position of the SA Office of Recreation and Sport is that each State Sporting Organisation should seek to achieve a target of a minimum of 40% representation of each gender. This target will be pursued and encouraged.

Persons elected at the AGM as Directors will be elected for 2 years, except that 3 of the 5 elected Directors must retire at the following AGM and may be eligible for re-election.

The Constitution (at 11.4) provides:

(d) At least half of the Elected Directors must retire every year. If the number of Elected Directors whose term ends in any one year (Retiring Directors) is less than one half of the number of Elected Directors, then an additional number of the Elected Directors who are not due to retire (Non-Retiring Directors) must retire to make up one half.
(e) If the Non-Retiring Directors cannot agree on which of the Non-Retiring Directors will retire, it will be determined by ballot.