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Renewing your membership

Click on the “Existing Members RENEW” button (at the top of this page).

Enter your Username and Password and click on the "Login" button.

If you don't know your Username and Password, either:

  • request your Club provide you with a computer-generated Username and a Password, or
  • click on the "Forgot your Password" button on the Login page. Enter your email address when prompted and submit. Your login details will then be sent to you.

When logged in, click on the “Update My Details” button.

On this page you can update your details, contact numbers, mailing addresses, etc. You can also change the Username (be aware however, that only one version of the Username is allowed in the system... if someone else is already using "Archer" (for example), you won't be able to use it). You are also urged to change the Password to something you can remember.

Please check your renewal date. If you have any questions, please contact your Club.

Renew On-Line; Pay By Credit or Debit Card (VISA or MasterCard only) or PayPal

Complete the subscription and declarations and pay by credit/debit card or PayPal. You are now registered and insured and you will receive your Archery Australia membership card within two weeks. (The Club still has to process the transaction on the national online membership system, MyArchery, to confirm the payment, before that can happen. So, if you haven't received your card within 3 weeks, contact your Club.)

Print the electronic receipt as interim proof of membership.

(While your Club receives confirmation of all payments at the end of each week, it can see your renewed membership details instantly.)

If You Want to Renew by EFT, Cash or Cheque (the membership renewal will still need to be completed online)

You will have to pay the Club first. You then have to complete the subscription and declarations ONLINE (as above), under the immediate supervision of a Club officer. You have to acknowledge the declarations each time you renew as these can change from year to year. When you get to the Submit Payment page, the rest of the transaction will have to be completed by the Club officer, so that the payment by credit/debit card or PayPal can be completed by the Club.

Once the Club knows that the (EFT or cheque) payment has been been cleared, it will  approve your renewal and you will be registered and insured. You will receive your Archery Australia membership card within two weeks.

(Ask for a copy of the online receipt from your Club's officer at the time of online payment, as interim proof of membership.)

All membership enquiries relating to ARCHERY SA can be directed to ARCHERY SA's Membership Officer.)
What is MyArchery?

Put simply, it's a database listing of all members (affiliates) who are affiliated with a Club, ARCHERY SA and Archery Australia.

Each of the entities can view the information relevant to its level. For example, the Club administrator can only view the records of that Club’s members. You, as a financial affiliate, can only view your record.

In creating a member record, an email address is a "required field". It enables Archery Australia, ARCHERY SA and/or the Club the ability to communicate directly with you about news, information and other items, rather than relying on one of the other entities to forward the information, sometimes after the information/closing dates have expired.

The database is secure. The information contained in the database (e.g. address, phone number, date of birth, email address, etc) are for the exclusive use of the three entities and is not supplied to third parties for commercial purposes.

You supply an email address on the basis that you understand it will be used to communicate with you. If you choose, you can "Unsubscribe" from receiving information from either Archery Australia, ARCHERY SA or even the Club (or any combination of the three). However, your email address will remain in the system attached to your record, so that any of the 3 entities can contact you if needed in important situations (such as membership renewal). With the email address staying in the system (in the unsubscribed mode), it also enables you to re-subscribe if you change your mind later on.

You can, of course, remove your email address - but you will still have to nominate an active and valid email address.

You could nominate the Club's email address, but if the Club then has more than one member's record using that email address, it will make extra work for your Club to ensure you receive important information. The Club would have to email you (using a second email list - one to which you do not have access) to send you the information you could have received direct. Alternatively (or additionally) it would then have to print hard copies of the information for you, along with the very small number of other people who don't have an email address.

If you are concerned about "security", have you thought about creating a separate email address (e.g. gMail or Hotmail) for your archery communications? It's free and takes no time at all. That way, you receive only archery-related messages to that address and leave your personal email address "untouched'.

It is not the role of Archery Australia, ARCHERY SA or the Club to maintain your member details. If a phone number or email address changes, you are the person to update it. You can do this by logging in and updating your record. A login can be provided by using the "Forgot your Password" function at, or by asking your Club to forward an email containing a temporary username and password, which you can (and should) change once you have logged in.

This is not about invading your privacy - that is unlawful. MyArchery is there to assist Clubs, States and the National body:

  • for reporting purposes (numbers & age groups of members, for example)
  • to "tighten up" the membership records
  • provide for the seamless transfer of a member to or from another Club
  • ensure accurate record-keeping at all levels and facilitate payment of membership fees to reduce reliance on cash transactions, to (again) make life easier for Club Committees (by improving money management and reducing the consequent risks involved with handling cash, including fraud).

It’s also about giving you, the member, control of your information – after all, you are the owner of that information.

And MyArchery can offer other services for Clubs, including website design/hosting, Club merchandise sales and online event registrations.


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