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ARCHERY SA Tyro Tournament

Published on Friday, 4 January 2019

ARCHERY SA Tyro Tournament

Event date: 3/11/2019 1:00 PM - 4:30 PM Export event

Venue:  Mylor Oval                                 

Time: 1.00 pm

Round: Short Canberra - 21&Over, 20&Under & Cadet
              Junior Canberra - Intermediate
              Newcastle - Cubs

An archer may enter one Tyro Tournament within eighteen (18) months of being an affiliate of Archery Australia for the first time.

Entries open: 1  September

History of the ARCHERY SA Tyro Tournament

The first Archery Society of SA Tyro Tournament was held on Sunday, 7 September, 1975 at the Adelaide Archery Club (shooting from the west to the east).

The results of that event can be viewed here.

The word Tyro had to be explained to everyone when first proposed (we didn't have Google to look things up in those days). Of course, we know it comes from the Latin tiro, which means "young soldier", "new recruit", or more generally, "novice". It was designed to introduce new archers to their first event in a tournament situation, without any pre-conceived expectations.

The Tyro Tournament continued at Adelaide Archery Club until 1978.

From 1979 until 1985, the Tournament was held at Southern Vales AC at Morphett Vale.

In 1986, the event moved to (then) home of archery and ASSA at the Regency Park College of TAFE.

In 1990 it was held in tandem with the second ASSA Veterans' Tournament on 6 May, as a way of capitalising on the numbers to introduce the new archers to those who are more experienced (and vice versa) and continued there until 1993. (The combination of the event with the AJ Barter Veterans' Tournament continues to this day.) As the Regency Park venue was no longer available from 1994, the event returned to Adelaide AC and was held there until 2008.

With ARCHERY SA having a home ground at St Ignatius' College, Athelstone, as well as not wishing to continue to impact on Adelaide AC's members' ability to shoot on their grounds, the event moved to Athelstone (St Ignatius' College, the home of ARCHERY SA) in 2009. Adelaide AC offered to continue hosting the event.

However, that was the only year it was held at Athelstone.

An offer by Southern Vales AC to host the event in 2010, on condition it be held at its Club's grounds (at Morphett Vale), was accepted by ARCHERY SA and the event was conducted there until 2016.

In 2017, with the relocation of ARCHERY SA to a potentially permanent venue at Mylor Oval, the decision was taken that its events, as much as possible be held there. The ARCHERY SA Tyro Tournament & the AJ Barter Veterans' (now 50Plus) Tournament have been held there since 2017.

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